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The dining room is the theatre in which we present the (occasionally burnt) offerings of our inner Gordon Ramsey or Nigella Lawson. Whether it be to our pesky inner-laws, a promising new love or even our fussy, snotty-nosed off-spring. So, as we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s bloody important to make sure it looks awesome!

Whether it four people to a table or two to a table – eating together is the ideal chance for family or friends to catch up. Life is busy; you know that as well as we do! So, what better way of sharing the gossip of our not-so-humdrum lives, than over a piping hot meal?

In our educated opinion, having an appealing place to dine is an absolute must. From birthday to Christmas meals, your dining room is likely to be the center-stage for albums and albums full of memorable, tummy-tinglingly nostalgic photos.

Allow your careful choice of dining tables and chairs take pride of place – depicting your taste and style to all of those who come over for some home cooking.

From bar stools to display cabinets we’re proud of our wide range of designer furniture and furnishings – and we hope you’ll be proud of them too when they find their way over to your loving home.

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